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PC-n-U Computers is locally owned and operated Computer and Electronics Sales and repair outlet committed to resolve your company or your home computer troubles efficiently and cost effectively.  Our Technical Staff have over 30 years of computer experience to troubleshoot, repair, and recommend your  MAC or PC desktops and notebooks.  Our knowledgeable staff will provide the best solutions to protect and serve you and your company’s needs.
At PC-n-U Computers, we believe personalized service is the best experience for our customers.  Having a personal touch to everything we do prolongs the relationship and trust with our clients.  Our head Technical Engineer Hsia Huang, also a partner, has more than 33 years of computer experience in MAC, PC, and Linux.  His Experience with computers dates back to 1977 with the original APPLE Computer, Kaypro, IBM, Commodore, and Radio Shack TRS80 computers.